How it works

What is Doubtbox?

Doubtbox is a learning platform that will make your child learn effortlessly and easily. Our solution includes curriculum specific 2D and 3D Animated Video Lessons, Interactive Activities, Assessments and LIVE doubt clearance. Our learning modules are developed based on multiple intelligence model and it addresses the unique learning style of each child.

How Doubtbox helps your child?

  • Make your child understand the concepts easily through Animated Video Lessons and Audio explanations
  • Make the learning enjoyable through Interactive Activities
  • Let your child do a self-analysis to understand the level of knowledge gained through Chapter Wise Practice Tests.
  • Try out various exam types such as Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blanks, Matching questions, True or False quizzes, etc.
  • Practice for competitive examinations using Time Bound Tests, Mock Tests, Model Test Papers, Previous Year Questions, etc.
  • Track your child’s performance through Performance Analysis